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Level contents

* Assessment for the whole of Level 0
** Assessment test answers
*** Assessment test records
0:01 Area
Tracing boundaries of areas. Comparing areas. Locating objects in areas. Covering large surface areas using smaller surface areas of different shape and size (tangrams).
0:02 Area
0:02PT Progress test
Test of Area
0:03 Comparing areas
0:03E Area
Covering large surface area using smaller surface areas (tangrams), comparing shape areas using a grid, covering a surface area using base 10 blocks, paper shapes and pattern blocks.
0:03PT Progress test
Test of Area
0:AC New Maths Builder Texts *************...
0:ACC Year 0 Cover
0:MG00 Contents: Measurement and Geometry
Measurement and Geometry contents
0:MG00C Contents: Year 0 Maths Builder text
Year K (F) Contents
0:MG00D Answers: 0:MG01 - 0:MG30
The answers to the Year K Maths Builder text 0:MG01-0:MG30
0:MG00E Answers: 0:MG30C - 0:MG59
The answers to the Year K Maths Builder text 0:MG30C-0:MG59
0:MG56 Area
Circle the smaller/smallest area. Tick the larger/largest area.
0:MG57 Comparing areas
Finding the smaller/smallest area or the larger/largest area using superimposing or estimates.
0:MG58 Covering an area
Comparing areas using a square grid
0:MG59 Comparing areas
Comparing areas using ones blocks or a square grid.

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