Cards and boards
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Level contents

3:01 4-digit number cards
The numerals from 1 to 5 are shown on individual place value cards of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones to be used to make numbers from 1 to 5555.
3:02 Number cards
The numerals from 6 to 9 and 0, are shown on individual place value cards of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones to be used to make numbers from 6 to 9999.
3:03 Place value cards
Blank place value cards showing hundreds, tens and ones; thousands, hundreds, tens and ones; ones and tenths; and tens, ones, tenths and hundredths are displayed fro copying.
3:04 Number and operations cards
The numerals from 1 to 20 and zero, the operation signs and the greater and less than symbols are shown on individual cards.
3:05 Decimal cards
Cards showing the numerals from 1 to 9 with tenths written above the numeral could be matched to the other cards on the page with tenths written as a decimal. Two other cards have 0 ones and 1 ones and could be combined with the other cards to make larger numbers.
3:06 Fraction cards
Fraction cards for halves, quarters, eighths, fifths and tenths could be used for recognition and ordering. A card with the numeral. 1 is also shown.
3:07 2D shapes cards
Twelve shapes are pictured on individual cards. The names of the triangle, rhombus, pentagon, trapezium, octagon and hexagon are written on cards along with regular and irregular shapes. These could be used for identifying, matching, grouping and in games.
3:08 Shapes around the clock
A game and discussion board has 2D and 3D shapes placed around a clock face for identification.
3:09 Around the clock: chance game
This chance game uses a clock face and 2 dice which are rolled 20 times. Each roll is totalled and a shape or object at the total is coloured. An estimate of the number of shapes and objects not coloured is made.
3:10 Snakes and ladders
The game board of 100 squares with ladders to climb up and snakes to slide down provides the opportunity for the use of addition and subtraction, the use of chance language and the application of chance concepts.
3:11 Sliding nets
Cards are made from nets and are used in games described on the page or made up by the players.
3:12 Game spinners
Number and blank spinners of different shapes with different numbers of divisions are provided for copying and using in games.