Fun and games
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Level contents

0:01 Numbers 1 to 3
Identifying, colouring and matching using numbers, dot patterns and collections for 1 to 3.
0:02 Numbers 1 to 6
Recognising and writing numbers 1 to 6 from dice faces or by counting. Colouring activity using numbers 1 to 6
0:03 Roll a dice
A chance game called Roll a dice, a shape activity, a dot-to-dot using counting by ones to 10.
0:04 Using numbers to 10
Colouring and dot-to-dot activities using numbers to 10. Recognising days of the week.
0:05 Numbers to 20
Recognising numbers to 20 by finding those recorded between 10 and 20. Dot-to-dot activity using numbers to 10 and shapes.
0:06 Rows and columns
Chance game called Rows and columns played using a dice, two shape-pattern activities are to be completed.
0:07 Numbers to 20 and patterns
Recognising and completing patterns using centimetre dot paper. Finding numbers to 20 in rows of numbers. Colouring halves of shapes.
0:08 Colour by number
Colouring by matching numbers on a rolled dice to the number sections of each picture. The numbers rolled are recorded until the picture is completed and most and least rolled numbers noted.
0:09 Rainbows and raindrops
A board game with sixteen squares using one dice and going up the rainbows and down the raindrops, with predictions being made as to how many goes will be needed to complete the game,
0:10 That's impossible
A backyard scene contains pictures of events that could happen, are likely to happen and a few that are impossible. The day is to be identified also.