Fun and games
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Level contents

1:01 Numbers to 18
Recognising dot patterns for numbers 1 to 6 instantly or by counting . Colouring activities use recognition of numbers 1 to 18.
1:02 Make shapes dot-to-dot
A shape activity, a dot-to-dot activity counting by ones to 10 and a colouring game using the roll of a dice to progress.
1:03 First to finish
A chance board game with spaces to send the player forward or backwards, a dot-to-dot counting by 1's to 30 and an activity for recognising the day of the week.
1:04 Even number hunt
Hidden number colouring game and a dot-to-dot activity counting by odd numbers from 1 to 17. Recognising days of the week.
1:05 Odd or even?
Colouring activity and completing pattern activities while recognising odd and even numbers.
1:06 Odd or even winner
A chance game, Odd or even winner, uses two dice to move a players counter backwards and forwards along a strip of squares.
1:07 Colour by shape/Adding and subtractin...
Colouring activity in recognising triangles, squares and circles. Adding and subtracting activities to find the answers 1 and 2.
1:08 Bigger numbers
Number activity recognising numbers between 10 and 30. Dot-to-dot activity counting by fives and identifying the shapes within the picture.
1:09 Shapes and patterns
Colouring patterns activity in identifying shapes. Dice colouring game with the aim of colouring all the circles. Shapes to be used in completing given patterns.
1:10 Add it up
Addition exercise in finding the answer 3, exercise subtracting from 3, a dice chance colouring game and recognising months of the year.
1:11 Number Bingo
A dot-to-dot counting by tens and a month recognition activity are provided with an addition and a chance game predicting the choice of numbers between 20 and 50.
1:12 Adding to 4
Addition activities in finding the answer 4 by matching groups and numbers and a dice game in finding number sentences adding to 7.
1:13 Odd fun
Odd number colouring activity to find the hidden number. Odds or evens game, creating patterns for 4 using dots and a subracting from 4 exercise.
1:14 Blocked out
Blocked out game uses recognising the existence of unseen faces on a block, dot-to-dot coutning by ones up to 30 and recognising days of the week.
1:15 That's Impossible
A backyard scene contains pictures of events that could happen, are likely or unlikely to happen and a few that are impossible. The month is to be identified also.
1:16 Likely roll
Likely roll game provides the chance for players to predict the likelihood of certain outcomes with the roll of a dice. The other half of a given picture is to be completed so that it is symmetrical.
1:17 Even hide
Even hide is a colouring activity using even numbers to find the hidden number. Other activities recognise numbers on a dice, identify the months of the year and a colouring activity uses addition and subtracting facts to 20.
1:18 Work me out
Work me out are What number am I? riddles and Find the way home is an addition to 10 activity.
1:19 Kite patterns
Completing given patterns using the kite shape, recognising numbers between 30 and 50 and a subtraction from 5 activity.
1:20 Tangrams
Recognising and identifying shapes within tangrams.
1:21 Side hide
Side hide activity allows recognition of the existence of unseen faces in a block model. Other activities involve colouring by facts adding to 6, subtracting from 6 and writing the current month.
1:22 Continuous line
Identifying and recreating patterns, finding a hidden number by colouring odd numbers and identifying numbers the add to make 9.
1:23 Rainbows and raindrops
A board game with sixteen squares using one dice, going up the rainbows and down the raindrops, with predictions being made as to how many goes will be needed to complete the game.
1:24 All sevens
All sevens activities involve recognising and identifying number sentences and patterns adding to 7, counting by 7s and subtracting from 7.
1:25 It's 8
It's 8 activities involve recognising and identifying the number 8, sums of the number 8 and writing 2-digit numbers containing 8. Shopping day activity to find the total purchase price by adding.
1:26 Count my features
Picture counting activity, subtraction from 8 and colour by shape using the rhombus to find a hidden picture.
1:27 What number am i?
What number am I? riddles, a completing a given pattern and a finding the way home by using addition facts for 8 activities.
1:28 The wrong way
Recognising and identifying incorrect mathematical pictures and showing the correct information.
1:29 Snail trail
Snail trail maze, subtraction from 9 and recognising numbers between 60 and 80.
1:30 Add a card
Magic crosses addition through playing cards and creating your own addition algorithms for magic crosses.
1:31 Ten total
Creating sums of 10 with different numbers of addends, colour using odd and even numbers, subtraction from 10 and recognising numbers between 50 and 75.
1:32 Add and subtract
Addition and subtraction number sentences and algorithms to 10 and recognising and marking correct answers to completed number sentences.
1:33 Important things you should know
The chart shows 2D shapes and their names, addition facts to 20, a completed hundred square and the seasons.