Fun and games
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Level contents

Colour the even numbers to find the hidden number, placing playing cards as these are chosen in order game, and addition and subtraction number sentences to be completed.
2:02 Smallest and largest numbers
Dice game where two- and three -digit numbers are made, and addition and subtraction activities.
2:03 Caterpillar rules
Caterpillar rules uses recognising, using and making up counting patterns and an addition number sentence activity is given.
2:04 Castle climb
Castle climb dice colouring game promotes logic in colouring rolls and subtraction number sentences give practise of facts to 9.
2:05 Four in a row
A chance game is played by colouring the total of the roll of two dice. Two boards using different numbers provide different chance outcomes.
2:06 Code cracker
Code cracker game uses numerals and the alphabet to decode a message,and addition algorithms include the use of the dollar sign.
2:07 Total colour
Total colour dice game uses the addition of the roll of two dice to colour circles and an activity uses counting on from 2-digit numbers.
2:08 Pick a number
Two activities, Brain challenge and subtraction number sentences, and two games using addition and subtraction involve the element of chance.
2:09 Match making
Match making uses matches to challenge players to make a given number of squares. A doubling exercise and addition number sentences are shown.
2:10 Magic squares
Magic squares are to be completed, number puzzles use addition and subtraction, today's date is to be written and addition and subtraction number sentences completed.
2:11 Rows and columns
Rows and columns game uses colouring of rows and columns to show multiplication, the block activity recognising the existence of unseen faces on a block model, and repeated addition is linked to multiplication.
2:12 Tangrams
Recognising and identifying shapes through the use of tangrams and multiplication algorithms.
2:13 Total success
A game using two dice is repeated to show which totals are more likely and less likely to be rolled.A multiplication activity is also given.
2:14 Choosing numbers
Activities include Choosing numbers game, adding to 3 flower, subtracting from 10 flower, writing the date and counting on addition to find the answer 12.
2:15 Colour code
Colour code activity uses colouring by the answers to addition and subtraction sums also a set of addition and subtraction algorithms.
2:16 Painting the castle
Painting the castle game uses the addition of the roll of two dice and an exercise on sharing 18 fish.
2:17 Make a dozen
Make a dozen playing card game uses adding to 12. Other activities use recognising and identifying numbers between 100 to 300 and multiplication facts.
2:18 Cover up
Cover up colouring game uses two dice to make multiplication tables to be coloured as arrays. A multiplication exercise uses arrays.
2:19 Odds and evens race
A board game using one dice with a different starting position and different rules for each player giving an unfair game situation, and an exercise on fourteen are given.
2:20 Balloon race
Balloon race uses subtraction, and other activities use adding to 5, subtracting from 14 and addition patterns.
2:21 Using the dots
Drawing by dots to make as many shapes as possible over a grid and to make continuous pathways, addition and subtraction number sentences.
2:22 Make 15
Make 15 is a dice game and other activities include, adding to 6 flower, subtraction from 15 flower, recognising the date, an addition and subtraction exercise.
2:23 Tangrams
Recognising and identifying shapes through tangrams, recognising and identifying numbers between 250 and 600, shape making and a multiplication exercise.
2:24 Score a century
Score a century game, problem solving, adding to 7 flower, recognising days of the month, addition and subtraction exercise.
2:25 3-digit juggle
3-digit juggle uses cards to make 3-digit numbers, a dot-to-dot counting by fives, and write one less than the given numbers provided.
2:26 Balloon race
Racing balloons uses subtraction and a dice and an exercise writing facts for 17.
2:27 Coloured answers
Coloured answers is a colouring game using addition and subtraction. Other activities use adding to 8 flower, adding to 9 flower, addition and subtraction for 17.
2:28 Maze
Maze activity measures distance, and other exercises include completing a mirror image to show symmetry and showing different sums for 18.
2:29 Find your way
Find your way activity by undertaking instructions and creating your own, addition and subtraction algorithms.
2:30 Card count
Card count uses addition to 20, another card activity uses making and comparing totals of two cards, and a facts for 20 exercise.
2:31 What's wrong?
Recognising and identifying correct and incorrect data, algorithms using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
2:32 Number disguise
Number sentences use numerals and letters of the alphabet in Number disguise. Other activities are a subtraction for 20 flower, recognising days of the month, matching answers involving addition, subtraction and multiplication.
2:33 Important things you should know.
Shapes, addition facts to 20, a hundred square and seasons of the year.