Language cards
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Level contents

0:01 Language cards
A set of 24 cards have language pertaining to whole numbers, fractions, volume and capacity, mass, time, 2D shapes and position. Cards can be enlarged individually.
0:02 What might happen tomorrow?
A set of 16 cards contain pictures to be discussed as to the likelihood of the event happening. The words likely, unlikely, certain and impossible are displayed.
0:03 A dictionary of position words 1
A picture of a castle and several smaller pictures have many position words written nearby to be matched or used in describing the position of an object in the picture.
0:04 A dictionary of position words 2
Position words surround an outdoor scene and could be matched or used to describe parts of the scene.
0:05 Position around the table
Children are placed in the various positions around a table and described in language boxes at the bottom of the page. The picture is to be labelled using the words recorded.