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Level contents

2:01 Hundred chart
The numbers 1 to 100 are written on a board in individual squares in counting order. An empty grid with 100 squares, 10 to a row, is also shown.
2:02 Number lines
Seven number lines with counting by 1s from 0 to 20 and four with counting by 10s from 0 to 80.
2:03 Australian coins
A row of 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent coins and a row of 1 and 2 dollar coins and a row of the old 1 and 2 cent coins.
2:04 Australian notes
The front and back of the 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar notes.
2:05 Addition webs
Eight addition webs contain numbers around an oval into which a number to be added to those given, can be placed.
2:06 Subtraction webs
Eight subtraction webs contain numbers around an oval into which a number to be subtracted can be placed.
2:07 Blank webs
Eight blank webs could be used for addition, subtraction or multiplication by placing chosen numbers in webs.
2:08 Do you know your number facts?
A set of addition and subtraction facts to 10 are given in the vertical and horizontal format with answers to be completed in 1 minute. A second set contains repeated addition addition, subtraction and multiplication using larger numbers.
2:09 Harder number facts
A set of addition and a set of subtraction facts to 20 in vertical and horizontal format.
2:10 Chance pictures
A set of six pictures display situations that can be discussed using chance language with explanations about what is happening and what may happen.
2:11 Chance language and picture
A picture is displayed with language in boxes that can be related to the chance of the events pictured, occurring.
2:12 Clock faces
Twelve blank analog clock faces.
2:13 Seasons and months of the year
A circular diagram displays the seasons in the central area, the months in the next ring and temperature language in the outer ring.
2:14 2D shapes
The rectangle, circle, square, hexagon, oval and rhombus (diamond) are enlarged.
2:15 Centimetre grid paper
A sheet of one centimetre grid paper.
2:16 Isometric grid paper
Isometric paper with large spaces .
2:17 Merit cards
Two merit cards could be used as incentives.
2:18 Picture: Working Mathematically Test ...
This picture is the resource used to answer the questions asked in Working Mathematically Test 2:01.