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Level contents

5:01 Number lines
Number lines use counting by 1s to 20, by 10s to 100, by 100s to 1 000, by 1000s to 10 000 and by 250 000s to 1 000 000. Blank number lines with varying graduations are shown also.
5:02 Number lines: negative numbers
Three empty number lines, two number lines with a range from -4 to 3, two from -6 to 1, two counting by 5s from -15 to 0 and two counting by 2s from -8 to 0 are drawn.
5:03 Place value: 5-digit numbers
Blank numeral expanders, abacuses and place value cards are drawn to be used for representing 5-digit numbers.
5:04 Place value: 6-digit numbers
Abacuses, place value cards and numeral expanders are provided for representing 6-digit numbers.
5:05 Addition and subtraction facts
A practice page for addition and subtraction facts to 10 and 20.
5:06 Addition and subtraction webs
Three addition and subtraction webs with numbers and three blank addition and subtraction webs are given.
5:07 Addition and subtraction algorithms: ...
Blank 4-digit number algorithms are given for addition and subtraction of whole and decimal numbers.
5:08 Addition and subtraction algorithms: ...
Blank 5-digit algorithms for addition and subtraction of whole numbers and decimals including money.
5:09 Multiplication tables
The multiplication tables are shown from x1 to x10 as a whole and also with a place for answers.
5:10 Multiplication grids
A blank and a completed multiplication grid are shown for tables to x10.
5:11 Multiplication webs
Nine multiplication webs and three multiplication single line grids are drawn . The multiplying number can be determined for each part.
5:12 Multiplication algorithms
Blank multiplication algorithms for multiplying 2- and 3-digit numbers and numbers to two decimal places by a single digit are provided.
5:13 Division algorithms
Blank division algorithms for dividing 2- and 3-digit numbers and decimal numbers to two decimal places by a single digit are given.
5:14 Fractions of a whole
Circles, squares, octagons and rectangles are divided into varying numbers of parts. Some parts are to be coloured and fractions for those parts are to be recorded.
5:15 Comparing fractions
Number lines and diagrams for comparing halves, quarters and eighths and thirds, sixths and twelfths are given.
5:16 Comparing fractions: blanks
Blank fraction number lines for comparing halves, quarters, eighths, fifths, tenths, and thirds, sixths and twelfths are given with empty fraction boxes to compare fractions.
5:17 Fractions, decimals and percentages
Hundred squares have varying numbers of squares shaded. Under these the fraction, expanded fraction in numbers and words, the decimal place card number, the decimal number and percentage are to be recorded.
5:18 Australian notes exercise
The front and back of the 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar notes are shown with the value blanked out.
5:19 Chance materials and language
A set of nine boxes contain materials (eg dice, spinners,pegs) used in chance experiments and games are displayed as well as five words related to chance events.
5:20 Chance events
A set of four pictures display situations that can be discussed using chance language with explanations about what is happening and what may happen. The picture situation could be given a numerical value using the number lines shown with fraction, decimal and percentage graduations between zero and one.
5:21 Clock faces
Twenty blank analog and digital clock faces
5:22 Calendar blanks
Six calendar months blanks are displayed.
5:23 Timelines
Timelines are given for a day using 24 graduations, am and pm times and 24-hour time from 0600 to 2000. Two timelines are given with year graduations from 1700 to 2000 and 2000 to 2020.
5:24 Nets of prisms and pyramids
A net is shown for octagonal, square, pentagonal, rectangular and hexagonal prisms and two nets for a square, hexagonal, octagonal and pentagonal pyramids.
5:25 Net of a cube
A whole page net of a cube is given.
5:26 Net of a rectangular pyramid
A whole page net of a rectangular pyramid is given.
5:27 Position: Theme park
A theme park with several features placed around a track
5:28 Centimetre grid paper
A sheet of one centimetre grid paper.
5:29 Centimetre dot paper
A one centimetre dot paper page.
5:30 Isometric grid paper
Isometric paper with 1 centimetre width spaces .
5:31 Isometric dot paper
Isometric dot paper.
5:32 Speed tests answer sheet
A proforma for answers to the speed test worksheets
5:33 Merit cards
Two merit cards could be used as incentives.
5:34 Investigations
A sample investigation is given: to investigate special types of numbers.
5:35 Investigation proforma
A proforma is given for use in writing investigations.
5:36 Picture: Working Mathematically Test ...
This picture is the resource used to answer the questions asked in Working Mathematically Test 5:01.