Working Mathematically
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0:01 Test: Working Mathematically
A test for Working mathematically.
0:01R Test records: Working mathematically
Assessment ratings (A to E) are recorded here for the Test 0:01 Working Mathematically.
0:02 How many?
Ask questions about and discuss pictures in the borders (more/ fewer/ less/ bigger than/ less than). Cut, paste and discuss things that come in pairs, are yellow. Practise writing 2 (two), draw your eyes, write your name high and low. Draw lines to show length, sort pencils into long/ short. Practise saying days of the week. Count backwards and forwards.
0:03 Counting objects
Describe and draw irregular shapes using curved and straight lines. Cut out numeral words and paste in order to 9. Talk about border pictures. Join groups to make 9. Practise writing rows of threes, the 3 pigs. Talk and move using position language. Make a green circle or square, find in classroom environment.
0:04 Group counting
Practise writing and counting numbers and discuss how four (4) is made. Sort counter patterns. Trace attribute blocks and sort (thin/ thick). Cut out and order numbers. Write a sentence about your day using numbers. Build/ trace Base 10 staircase to 10. Make models using 3D objects. Draw clock faces.
0:05 Counting
Counting forwards/ backwards (20), stressing odd/ even. Counting and finding groups to make 12. Describe shapes in school environment or 'feelie' bag (3D). Describe and draw coins and notes. Play number guessing games using bigger/ smaller/ more/ less. Make patterns with play money, pop sticks or Base 10 blocks.
0:06 Position and shapes
Draw shapes in different positions on page. Children follow directions to position themselves in relation to objects and vice versa. Measure taller/ shorter. Work jigsaw puzzles. Use calculator to make numbers to 20. Count using soft and loud to stress odd/ even.
0:07 Numbers and time
Count and write numbers to 20. Look for, stack and discuss 2D and 3D objects/ shapes. Cut out pictures showing things that pack and pour. Revise shapes, colours and time language. Suggestions regarding a weather chart, sentence about your day, learning days of the week and drawing activities.

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